Benefits of consuming dairy

Milk and core dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt are rich in essential nutrients; supporting good bone health, muscles, energy level and an active mind

processing does not significantly change the goodness that milk provides.

Does processing affect the nutrition value of the milk you drink?

Can dairy be part of a sustainable diet? 

Dairy is recognised as a characteristic of low environmental impact diets consistent with good health when consumed in moderation. Nutrient-rich dairy can be a valuable source of nutrition

Dairy fats do offer some benefits. Some dairy products help to carry fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamin A – an essential nutrient that is important for vision, immune function and cell growth

Is dairy fat good or bad for you?

Did you know dairy is a natural source of fat?

Milk naturally contains around 4% fat, up to around one third of which is unsaturated fat and the rest is saturated.

Butter – natural and delicious

Butter is made from all natural ingredients: fresh cream separated from cow’s milk and sometimes salt.